Caribbean youth participate in annual fast

The Martinique and Saint Martin Nazarene Youth International leadership teams simultaneously organized their annual day-long fasts 8 May. Several local churches across the two islands collaborated to make the event possible.

“The young people were able to [experience] this extraordinary day of fasting simultaneously despite the distance that separates the Martinique and Saint Martin islands," Kaity Monard, French Antilles and French Guiana district NYI president.

Nearly 50 youth participated in the event themed “Follow the steps of Jesus, and do as His apostles did.” The participants were taught the importance of setting time aside for God, fasting together, and studying the Bible. 

This year, the event featured corporate worship, team building games, a devotional, a small group prayer time, and a group snack to break the fast at the end of the event. 

Local Pastor Jérôme Nestoret preached the message during worship in Martinique. He taught the youth the key to being a healthy disciple of Christ is to not focus on their limits, to fix their eyes on Jesus, and to be disciplined in their faith.

“God uses ordinary people to make them extraordinary leaders to accomplish his wonderful work,” Nestoret said.

Two of the youth heard a call to pastoral ministry during the event. 

“It was very emotional,” Monard said. “We thank the Lord for the work he does in the life of our youth.”

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica

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