Dominican Republic Oriental District emphasizes commitment to missions

La Romana, Dominican Republic

More than 400 people from the Dominican Republic Oriental District gathered last week to celebrate local evangelism and discipleship work. 

The annual event, Committed to the Mission, began in 2010 after the Dominican Republic held a conference for district superintendents, pastors, and other leaders. During his message, then General Superintendent Jerry Porter asked the question “Who are you discipling and who is discipling you?”

Yudén and the District Advisory Board were inspired by the question and came up with the concept of the Committed to the Mission event. 

Now, the event takes place during the last week of September and coincides with the Week of the Bible — a local weeklong celebration in La Romana.

“During the event, attendees were encouraged to pray for at least 10 people,” Yudén said. “After two months, every church celebrates an evangelistic service where those people who prayed over are invited.”

Through fellowship and intercessory prayer, 23 people were baptized at this year’s event and several of the youth said they have received calls to ministry. 

“It was a marvelous day,” Yudén said. “God glorified himself in a great way. People sang, worshiped, danced, prayed, and interceded. [The event] surpassed [all of our] expectations.”

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica