Peru youth camps impact hundreds

Hundreds of youth from Peru's Andean, Utcubamba, North, and Northeast districts gathered this month in two camps.

The first camp, held 1-3 August, was attended by more than 600 youth from the Peru Andean District.

Pastors William Diaz Barboza, Atilano Bustamante, and Flor Vasquez Barboza preached and taught at the camp, and Pastor Moises Suárez brought the evening messages. The topics that impacted the students most were “What is below the surface,” "Pressures facing youth,” and "Moving forward without losing the way,” among others.

The evening services were held at the Tomas Gálvez sports complex, and many people accepted Christ and were reconciled to God. The worship team ATC from Chiclayo led the worship music for the camp.

District youth coordinator Micaias Velasquez Roman expressed his gratitude to all the youth present at the end of the event. He also gave thanks to God for showing His glory as hundreds of youth were challenged and committed to live as true disciples of the Lord.

The second camp, called “Prepare U 2019," was held 3-6 August and brought together youth from three districts.

More than 300 students participated in the talks, workshops on holiness, and in evening evangelistic worship services with music, testimonies, and preaching of the Word of God. The youth also shared times playing sports and hiking in the Alto Mayo area.

Pastor Adan Sanchez shared during the day about the youths' communion with God. Pastor Hermigrando Rivera shared in workshops and in the evening evangelistic services. God used Rivera's testimony and biblical exposition to draw the youth to the feet of Jesus during altar calls. They renewed vows of faithfulness, and a large number of the youth were reconciled with the Lord.

“Thanks be to God for allowing Prepare U 2019 to develop in amazing ways," said Carlos Santa Cruz, the district NYI president. "Thanks to the district NYI team, thanks to the Peru Northeast and Peru North districts for being present and supporting the event, and thanks to all the campers for participating in this great camp that was a great blessing.”

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