Rejoice, God Is With You

Philippians 4:4-1321-23

Let’s face it—life is not all sunshine and roses. Every day does not always bring us happiness and joy. For many of us life is more like living in Seattle than it is living in San Diego, rainy days outnumber sunny ones. Many times the situations of our lives do not give us reason for celebration. Life is hard, the things we go through are hard. Sometimes making it through the day is a struggle. There seems to be little in our lives worthy of rejoicing. Yet, in times of need and in times of plenty, God is with us.

Christ is there guiding us through life’s darkest valleys and longest nights; that is worthy of rejoicing. We rejoice because we are not alone. We rejoice because God is there with us when life is hard, when the things around are less than joyful. The joy is not found in the situations of our lives, but in the One who is there with us in sorrow and pain as well as in happiness and celebration.

Author: Kazimiera Fraley

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