Two million people a day conduct spiritual searches on the internet. Seekers come from every nation on earth with a great desire to know God and find out His will for them. Would you like to help them follow Jesus more closely as a disciple maker?

As an online disciple maker, you will direct people to the Scripture, help encourage a personal relationship with Jesus, and pray for personal needs. As your schedule allows, you will encourage people from all over the world.

Each online disciple maker receives clear instruction and support. Your personal contact information is kept secure. Take the steps to become an online disciple maker.

On The Ground

People are searching for the meaning of life and for purpose, whether in a high rise apartment building in Singapore or in the remote bush of Africa. They search to fill a longing—a longing for a personal relationship with the living God! Even as people seek God on the internet, JESUS Film teams are on the ground daily reaching more than 9,000 face-to-face evangelistic contacts. Online and On the Ground join forces for one common goal—to reach one more for Christ!

Team members show the JESUS Film, pray for healing, and help people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. These same team members disciple new believers in follow-up gatherings to provide a foundation of spiritual growth.

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More Information about Online Disciple Makers

Millions of people search for God every day - online. Sunday School Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) and JESUS Film Harvest Partners (JFHP) are partnering with Global Media Outreach (GMO), an internet ministry that creates and hosts websites where thousands of people each day learn about the Good News of Jesus and connect with Online Disciple Makers through email.

Go here to watch people link to & respond to Gospel messages online.

An Online Disciple Maker responds to people from all over the world who have requested follow-up from one of the GMO sites. The Disciple Maker prays for, disciples and encourages them with scripture as they work through relationship, financial, or spiritual issues.

  • Global Media Outreach provides training and SDMI provides ongoing support throughout your experience as an Online Disciple Maker.
  • It's safe & secure! No one sees your email address - you log in from a website to respond to emails. Your personal contact information will never be given out. Every effort will be made to protect all individuals involved.
  • You control how many emails you receive.

Using this secure system, you can spend from 10-20 minutes a day helping one or two seekers/new believers. It is estimated that in one year the average Online Disciple Maker will help 300 or more persons.

The goal of this project is to recruit 500 Nazarene churches, Sunday School classes, and individuals to get involved in disciple making "online" through internet technology while JESUS Film teams diligently work to disciple people "on the ground." You too can partner to "make disciples in all nations."

We are looking for people with a heart for discipleship to come alongside new believers and seekers at a time in their lives when they are looking for answers. Over thirty thousand people a day are responding to Christ or seeking more information.

Get started now by filling out the Online Disciple Maker application.

If you have additional questions about how "Online Disciple Makers" works, for more information or for an application you may contact:

J. D. Sailors
Online Disciple Makers Coordinator for the Church of the Nazarene